Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm a painter, not a fighter

Although I enjoy painting miniatures, I've never been much of a miniature game player. I've always preferred shorter, simpler games without such an expensive barrier to entry. My idea of gaming heaven is dinner with a group of friends, followed by a few rounds of something quick, challenging and social. For folks familiar with the genre, Liars Dice is a perennial favorite, as are Barbarossa and Take 6. And it's a nearly perfect day when I find someone who'll play Ricochet Robot.

Most of my miniature gaming experience comes from MLB Sports Clix, a baseball-themed collectible game from WizKids. It had some of the same elements you see in games like Warhammer 40K or Warmachine: customizable teams, special events at the local game store, league games and tournaments. It was a ton of fun, but I eventually moved to a new job in another city and drifted away from miniature gaming.

Because I'm hardly a veteran miniature wargamer, I'll usually limit my comments to areas where I have a more expertise (like painting, board games and publishing/manufacturing) . But don't be surprised if I stray into occasional comments on miniature game mechanics and culture. Please be patient and keep an open mind. I love games, in all their permutations. And when I see something that spans the gap between miniature gaming and other parts of the gaming universe, you can be sure that I want to talk about it.
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