Thursday, June 17, 2010

WIP: Venerable Dreadnought, Part 03

Halfway there! At this point, there's no single process that needs to be applied to every part of the model (the way that I drybrushed nearly everything in Part 02). Some parts, like the skulls and the newly-painted metal, will get ink washes. Other parts, like the body and arms will get layers of thinned-down Pyrrole Red to smooth out some of the drybrushed areas. On the other hand, the fur will get few passes of dybrushing. And a few parts are just ready for detailing and clean-up.

Two areas are still untouched: the back side of the fur and the base. That's to give me something to handle while I work. Until it's protected with varnish, the acrylic paint wears off very easily. Take a look at the orc skull on the model's right shoulder. See the black spots? All it took was five minutes of handling to wear away the paint above the eye sockets. When it comes to painting minis, I'm slow enough already without having to paint things twice. If I give myself a few safe handles on a model, it cuts down on these mistakes.

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