Friday, June 18, 2010

WIP: Venerable Dreadnought, Part 04

Details, details, details! This model has plenty of 'em. There's enough here to keep me painting for weeks if I want to.

Here's what I did since last time:
  • Drybrushed midtones and highlights onto the fur.
  • Painted a thin Pyrrole Red/Carbon Black wash over all the red parts. they were a little brighter than I intended. In the future I can avoid this step if I don't "clean up" the red areas so vigorously.
  • Highlighted many of the edges and rivets. I focused on top and front/side/back edges, since they'd normally get the most light. I left bottom edges alone.
And here's what I plan to do next:
  • Continue highlighting the red areas. There are still a few areas that could use more pronounced highlights. I may also add "specular highlights" wherever two edges meet. It's something we do in product illustrations to make the lighting pop. I think it'll transfer well into this kind of painting, but I'm not entirely sure. It's time to experiment.
  • Once the highlights are done, I want to clean them up. There are spots where they are much wider and wobblier than they should be. With a little pure Pyrrole red and a liner brush I think I can make them much narrower and straighter.
  • My depth perception is lousy, and it's difficult to tell when the tip of a 10/0 brush has made contact with a rivet. So some of my rivet highlights are a little blobby. a quick dab of red/black wash around each of the rivets (just enough to darken the edges, but leave the top untouched) should fix that (I hope, oh I hope).
  • The gunmetal and bronze need highlighting with silver and gold.
  • Several small details still need painting. I noticed today that there are two tiny skulls at either end of the chain on the model's left shoulder. They're going to be especially challenging. The view-port should be blacked out (or maybe painted bright orange, like there's a fire inside...hmmm) and all of the blue lenses need highlights and shadows.
  • Then it's time to finish the furs and the base.
  • Finally, I want to add some freehand details. The model's right shoulder will get a unit marking (probably just a number) and I may put something on its left shin. I also want to put a rough symbol or glyph on the fur banner, maybe a stylized sword, crown or flame. there's also a couple scrolls that want text (which means I need to name this guy).
Next update will be on Saturday or Sunday. Let's see how far I get between then and now.

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