Sunday, July 11, 2010

Very Messy Orks, Pt. 02

Last week I finished 14 more messy Orks, raising my total to 26. That's a full unit, minus the Nob and the three special weapons (guess what I'm doing week?). There's something very satisfying about setting out all of your finished work on a project and saying "I did this!" Even if there's still a long way to go, looking at what you've finished is great motivation to keep going.

Painting these is so much fun! They're relaxed, loose and very forgiving. If I want to worry over the details, I can. But they look very respectable even with a laid-back, painterly (aka "showing my brush strokes") approach. And, with very little extra effort, every one is an individual.

In this group, I took a few steps to speed up the process.The brown, yellow and red areas now only get one level of highlighting before I apply a wash. The skin still gets two-level highlights though. The face and hands are more important than anything else. I spent a little extra time on the metals, adding a second, rust-colored wash and drybrushing in some bright silver highlights. But these still went much faster than the first batch. I'm now at about 45 minutes per model.

Next up: a Nob and three Rokkit Launchas.
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