Sunday, July 4, 2010

Very Messy Orks

Space Wolves are fun, but painting power armor makes me anxious. It wants to be perfect, with crisp edges and even highlights. And I am not naturally a crisp or even painter. So, once the first squad of Grey Hunters was finished, I looked for something different.

Orks are a much better fit for my loose painting style. I don't have an entire army on my shelf of shame, but I do have several dozen Orks. With a box of Nobz, I may even have enough for a 1500 point "Green Tide" army. I started out thinking that this unit would be a nice break, but they were so much fun that I'm going to try a few more before I return to the Space Wolves. It may be a race to see which army I finish first.

These models were painted using Jim's "Painting Orks By the Numbers" article on Bell of Lost Souls. There are a few differences, but the basic highlight-then-wash process is the same. Thanks, Jim! I'm very happy with the results.

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