Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The new job (and some new miniatures)

The new semester is about to start and I'm having some trouble balancing all of my activities. There are the usual things: family, home maintenance, classwork, research, professional work, choir rehearsal, volunteering, exercise, painting and playing games. By the end of last semester, I had all of that under control. But this year adds a new wrinkle. Now that I'm a graduate student, I'm not just taking classes. I'm teaching them too.

There's a lot of hidden preparation that goes into teaching a university class. There are handbooks, seminars, tests, curriculum meetings, safety briefings, "developmental opportunities" (focused classes about teaching in my specific field), welcome events and advising appointments. And there are stacks of forms that need to be be downloaded (or requested via US Mail) read, signed, carried across campus, signed again, and carried back to my department.

As the first day of class approaches, things will settle into a regular schedule. But until the dust settles, some of my regular pursuits (like this blog) have gotten pushed to the side. The funny thing is I knew this was going to happen. And Blogger gives me tools (like delayed posting) to smooth out the rough patches in my schedule. I'm learning to use them now. And while the last few weeks have been rough, the next burst of chaos will be much smoother.

Although blog posts have been sparse, I haven't stopped painting. Here are pictures of my latest project: a Circle of Orboros army for Privateer Press' Hordes. we have a local league starting up in about 6 weeks, and I think it's time for me to make the jump from "painter" to "player". With a little perseverance I should be ready in the nick of time!

First, a Gorax:

And then, an Argus:

You may notice (I hope) an improvement in my photographs. This is due entirely to a $3 homemade cardboard-and-tracing paper-lightbox. This thing is may be my new favorite tool! Look for a longer article about it in the future. But here's the snapshot I carry around in my wallet. Yes, I love it that much.

Next up, a Feral Warpwolf. I'm painting the final details now. Look for the finished model by Friday.

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