Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Saurus Test Model

After the unexpected painting (and stripping, and repainting) marathon of the Shifting Stones I wasn't ready to paint more Circle Orboros stonework. So I set the Sentry Stone aside and painted a new model.

This is a test model for a Warhammer Fantasy Battles Lizardmen army. Like the Feral Warpwolf from a few weeks ago, it's coloration is based on a real-world creature. In this case I think it's an Amazon forest dragon, although search engine image tags have been wrong before (and I wanted to paint a miniature, not verify my research and properly cite my sources. There isn't room for a bibliography on the base of this model.)

After painting several pewter Privateer Press models, it was a little strange returning to Games Workshop and plastic. The assembly was much easier. As much as I appreciate the studriness that comes with careful gluing and pinning, it's messy, time-consuming work. Polystyrene and model glue are so much faster. I ran into a few problems aligning the models properly on their bases. The long tail on each model was especially challenging (more on this in a later post). But now that I have some practice, the next unit will be much faster.

The painting itself was very straightforward, and a lot of fun. Games Workshop puts plenty of texture and detail on each model, and I love to see things "pop" as they get layers of highlights and shadow. I do have one minor quibble. The back of this model's right shoulder was missing some scaly texture. Because I didn't notice it until I sat down to paint, I don't know if it's a molding issue or a gluing mistake (I may have melted the scales with model glue). But freehanding the scales was great practice, and I think it conceals the problem very well.

Now that I've had a short break, it's time to get back to the Circle Orboros. Next up: a Sentry Stone and Manikins. This time I really mean it.
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