Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sentry Stone and Manikins

A Sentry Stone and its Manikins

My Circle Orboros army is on the march again.

For a medium-based model, the Sentry Stone is pretty tiny. The model's footprint is less than a square centimeter, which leaves a lot  empty real estate on the base. To make it more interesting, I added a skeleton, cobbled together from some Games Workshop bits.

Like with the Shifting Stones, I decided not to put a green glow in the recessed areas of this model. They take up too much of the model's surface and the final result looks more like a lantern than a stone obelisk.

Because they have such thin limbs, the Manikins are a little bit flimsy. Pinning their arms in place was especially challenging and you may be able to see some drill damage or smooth blobs of epoxy at the shoulders. The connection between the feet and the narrow tab which inserts into the base was so fragile that I damaged two of the models while gluing them in place. If you look closely, you may also be able to see where I shored up the cracks by burying the feet in thick layers of polystyrene "rocks" and epoxy. The result is a lot stronger than I expected, and I think I'll use this process again if I encounter the same problem.

Painting the Manikins was straightforward and a lot of fun. The bark and leaf textures are very pronounced and they took drybrushed colors well. Originally I had planned to follow up my drybrushing with some careful line work. But I decided it wasn't necessary.

The cords were the biggest painting challenge. They're so small (and my hands are so shaky) that it took longer to paint them than it took to paint the rest of the models.

Next up: a Woldwarden.
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