Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lizardmen Saurus, pt 02

Not a Woldwarden.

No, this isn't a Woldwarden. My perfect plan was thwarted by a bad coat of primer. This is what I learned: even if you really, REALLY want to get started on a model, don't rush the preparation. And if your primer doesn't look right, telling yourself "It'll be OK once it cures completely" doesn't work. Save yourself the frustration and do things right the first time.

So the Woldwarden's soaking in the solvent spa, and I had some unexpected free time. Enter the Lizardmen.

These are also the first photos I've taken with my new super-sized diffuser. The original cardboard-box-and-tracing-paper version is great, but too small for more than one unit. The new one (made from a clear plastic crate and a translucent shower-curtain liner) is about 3 times larger and should be able to accommodate several units at once. It also lets in a bit more light, although I can cut that down by adding another layer of shower curtain.

Next up: probably more Lizardmen. The Woldwarden debacle was kinda frustrating and I don't like to paint angry.
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