Friday, September 17, 2010

Looted Hellhound, pt 02

Here it is, my "tiny tank and a wooden trailer" Looted Hellhound.

There's still some work to do: I missed some mold lines on the gunner, some rough edges on the polystyrene sheets and several strands of model glue. There are also a couple of botched rivets and a few gaps that need filling.

All of the additions came from the same sources, so the list of components didn't really change from last time. My favorite ingredient has got to be the copper wire. It's much friendlier than annealed steel wire. and everything looks better when it's sprouting a half dozen tubes and cables.

When the last Looted Hellhound post went up, I was kinda worried about the gunner. He looked awkward in his flimsy seat, dangling off the back of the mini-tank with very little protection. But now that he's finished, I'm very happy. His perch still looks reckless and foolhardy, but it no longer looks like it's going to snap off the first time the vehicle goes over a bump. And "reckless and foolhardy" is practically the subtitle of the Ork Codex.

After I took the pictures above, I went outside and primed the model. Searching through all those blacks, whites and greys for mold lines and other tiny flaws was difficult. But once you get rid of the contrast and add some strong side-lighting, they really jump out (especially the one on his knuckles. Darn. Darn. Darn!).

Tonight I'll trim off the flaws and tomorrow morning we'll be ready for painting. Since this is the largest model I've ever painted, I have no idea how long it will take, but look for an update in a few days.

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