Sunday, September 12, 2010

Looted Hellhound

Nope, it's not more Lizardmen.
It's been a very fickle month.

I took a break from painting this week and started a vehicle conversion for my 40K Orks. This is the most complex conversion I've done, and so far (at about 75% complete) I'm very excited.

This model includes:
  • An old Hellhound that was assembled, primed, set aside for several years (it's important to properly age your models), cut apart on a bandsaw and reassembled
  • The torso and legs from an WFB Ork Boar Boy
  • A Space Marine Bike
  • The dozer blade from Space Marine Rhino
  • The wheels from a WFB Ork Chariot
  • The cap from an inhaler
  • The body of a ballpoint pen
  • Some PVC pipe
  • Leftover copper wire from a home-improvement project
  • Annealed steel wire
  • Paper clips and welding rod (for pinning)
  • A pile of scrap 1/8" polystyrene sheet
  • A random selection of polystyrene tubes, rods and strips

Most of the vehicle is finished, but the gunner and his seat still need some work. Here's what I want to add this week:
  • A head, arms, and shoulder pads for the gunner.
  • Supports to the driver's seat. Right now it looks like it's floating behind the turret. It should look like it's firmly attached.
  • A seat back and crash harness
  • Controls and some wires to connect them to the turret
  • Exhaust pipes
Unfortunately it's going to be a few days before I have time to work on this model again. The front end of my week is packed (evening meetings do bad things to my model-building time), but I think the conversion will be finished by the weekend.

Next up: the finished looted Hellhound. this time I really mean it. Really.
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