Saturday, October 9, 2010

Orks: they're good for your mental health

This is far from my best work. But it was exactly what I needed.

Between work, research deadlines and the horrible, gutwrenching decisions that come with having seriously ill pet, I've been a little overwhelmed this week. The vicious little monkeys who live in my conscience are working overtime, yelling things like "Why aren't you writing!?!?" and "He's dying! Do something!" at the worst possible moments (like when I'm driving to another vet appointment, or trying to sleep at 3am). With so many distractions, I'm a little surprised that I dress myself successfully each morning, let alone meet all my other obligations.

Last night, I snapped out of a 30 minute "staring at the wall" fugue, and remembered something that Pepe Velasquez, the greatest industrial design instructor in the world, told me a few years ago. He said, "When you're overwhelmed and up against a deadline, slow down. Give yourself room to focus." For someone who thinks the solution to every problem is "MORE EFFORT!!!", it's challenging and very helpful advice. So I turned off my computer, gave the cat a goodnight kiss and spent the rest of the night painting.

I can't say that everything's alright, but I feel a lot better. And I was ready to jump back to work this morning. Thank you Pepe. And thank you Shoota Boyz for being so therapeutic.

Up next: more fun with Orks.
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