Monday, October 11, 2010

Topsy Turvy Boyz

Last night I magnetized all of my Ork Boyz. When they're finished I plan to carry them around in an old tool box. But for now, they're just marching up the side of my desk. For reasons I can't explain, this makes me very, very happy (maybe I need those sanity breaks more than I realized). Unfortunately, the light in my office is terrible for photography so here's an outdoor shot of the ladz storming the BBQ grill in my backyard:

This was my first project with rare earth magnets and I had no idea what size I needed. A quick Google search found this helpful chart at (it's about halfway down the page). Using it as a guide, I chose 1/8"x1/16" cylindrical magnets. For such small magnets, they hold surprisingly well. Once they're attached to a miniature, they stick to a vertical surface about as well as a refrigerator magnet. But I think I'd like them to be just a little bit stronger. For my next order, I may jump up to 3/16" diameter magnets instead.

It took about an hour to magnetize 35 miniatures. To keep the magnets level with the bottom edge of the minis' bases (this is very important to get the strongest grip), I pressed them into a blob of green stuff and then smoothed them off by pressing the miniature down on my desk until everything was even. Here's what it looks like:

The blobs are up against one edge of the base to form a stronger bond between the green stuff and the base. That puts the bond on at least two planes instead of just one.

Before I zeroed in on green stuff, I tried gluing the magnets on with JB Qwik. It was a fascinating failure. There's something ferrous in JB Qwik that causes it to flow up the sides and over the top of each magnet, encasing it in a perfect sphere of epoxy. This wasn't good for sticking models to the sides of a desk, but it was so interesting that I dropped several magnets into the puddle of epoxy just to watch the process. Then I fished them out, cut away the JB Qwik and switched to green stuff.
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