Sunday, November 28, 2010

Back to the gaming table

One round of grading, research and presentation more to go. But first I have two weeks of relative peace before the insanity starts again. It's a good thing that December is normally such a calm, distraction-free month.

In the last few weeks, I've dabbled a little in painting. Since my time was so limited, I set the Tervigon aside. She'll get the attention she deserves once the semester is over. Instead I picked up some random Cryx miniatures and tried using the oil-and-Turpenoid wash technique to get those nice green inner glows. I don't have a huge interest in Cryx, but the same approach should also work for my Circle Orboros figures. The results were good, but not perfect. With a little more refining, they should transfer well to my Circle constructs. As soon as I find a sunny day and few free minutes, I'll take some photos and post a brief description. There are more than 300 sunny days here every year. So this should happen soon.

I also found a local Warmachine & Hordes league that meets near my house! After painting miniatures and idly reading rulebooks for the last couple years, I'm eager some of these games. My goal is to have 15 points ready in the next two weeks, so I can meet the other players and learn the game. Then I aim to finish 35 points by Christmas, and join the league in January. But first, I have to decide on an army:

Circle Orboros is the most likely choice, because I already have several painted models. In fact, I could meet my 15-point goal just by assembling and painting a Warlock. On the other hand, my Circle collection was assembled using my usual "that looks neat, I think I'll paint it!" approach. and I'm not sure how well they'll work on the table. Scratch that. Given that I'm a brand-new player, I know exactly how well they'll work on the table. Until I learn the rules, whatever army I choose is bound to perform poorly.

Circle it is. Let's get to work!

Programming note: when I started this blog, I intended to use it for writing practice. Masters degrees, even Masters of Science, require a lot of writing and as a visual artist, I was sorely out of practice. My schedule doesn't have a lot of school- or work-related writing in it for the next two weeks. So look for several short blog posts to appear soon. The goal is 300-500 words a day, enough too make those writing muscles smart (like ox!) and strong (like tractor!). I'll try to keep things entertaining, informative and relevant, but apologies in advance if things get a little rambly.
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