Thursday, November 4, 2010


It's been a good week for painting. I have some extra time and the new technique is much faster than my old ones. These Devilgaunts are the latest completed project, and there's a Tervigon on the way (probably Saturday).

It took about 8 hours of work to complete these models. The only major hitch was a bad application of primer that left some cracks on the tops of four models. After scratching at the edges of the cracks, I decided that they were stable and relatively smooth. They were also kinda...interesting in a scaly insectoid or reptilian kind of way. So instead of tossing the damaged models in the solvent pot, I went ahead and painted them anyway. If I look closely, I can identify the damaged models. But I'm glad I didn't waste time stripping and repriming them.

Next up: A Tervigon and one more Ravener
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