Friday, December 3, 2010

Circle Orboros - The First 15 Points

My first 15-point army is ready for the table!

A word to new Hordes players: if you stumbled onto this site looking for list-building advice, run away quick! This army was chosen using a process that can best be called "this looks cool, I think I'll paint it." If it has any synergy, even a sliver, it is completely by accident. But it's legal, it costs exactly 15 points and it even gets Mohsar's Tier 1 bonus! Next weekend, we'll see how well it works.

As I mentioned last week, everything was ready to go except the warlock. I chose Mohsar because I like the model and it gave me a tier bonus. Aside from the usual "how the @*#&$ do I attach the arms!?!" confusion that comes with every Privateer Press model, assembling went smoothly. And painting was very quick, using the oil and Turpenoid wash technique.

I also took the opportunity to redo my Sentry Stone, using an oil/Turpenoid wash to add Circle Orboros' characteristic green glow.

You may notice that Mohsar and the Sentry stone don't have the same cracked stone arc markings as the other models. Since both of the models have 360-degree front arcs, I decided to leave them out. If I have the time and inclination, I may go back and paint them out of the Argus model too.

What's next? Probably some Khador warjacks. There's a 15-point Butcher of Kardov army on my painting table and I'd like to try out both Circle and Khador before I add any more to either army. But there's also the unfinished Tervigon and Cryx experiments weighing heavy on my conscience.
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