Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kodiak Khadoran Warjack

It's resume and application time for summer internships and research fellowships. I'm already well on my way to wearing out my keyboard, so this post is going to be mostly photos. If you want details about the colors and processes, take a look at my other Khador posts. All the colors are here, they're just in different places.

Next up: Some Circle Orboros stuff, Warhammer Fantasy Battles Dwarfs, and a few Rhulic Warjacks.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winterguard Infantry

It looks like this semester is going to be even fuller than the last one, but I've finally found time to take & post photographs! The trick isn't actually finding time. I have a few hours of free time every day. The trick is finding time when I'm home in the late morning or early afternoon. That's when the sun is in the right place for the best (or at least my best) photographs.

Here are the first models from early January's frantic week of painting: Khador's Winterguard Infantry.

What I did
I painted this unit the same way I've painted everything lately. First everything gets a base of acrylic. In this case that's Pyrrole Red (Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic), Cryx Base Highlight (P3), Menoth White Base (P3), Boltgun Metal (Citadel), Chainmail (Citadel), Bone Black (Golden Fluid Acrylic), Iridescent Bronze (Fine) (Golden FA), Burnt Umber (Golden FA), and Cadmium Skin (Vallejo). That's followed by an oil paint and Turpenoid wash using Raw Umber (Utrecht Artist Colors Oil) mixed with Ivory Black (Utrecht ACO). Then I let the Turpenoid evaporate and wiped off the excess wash with a clean cosmetic sponge.

Once the oil paint cured, which took about 24 hours, I washed the bases with thinned-out Cryx Bane Base (P3) and dry-brushed the stone texture with a mixture of Titanium White (Da Vinci Fluid Actylic) and Cryx Bane Base.The cracks were painted with Cryx Bane Base and highlighted with mixed Cryx Bane Base and Titanium White. Then I took everything outside for a light coat of matte spray varnish (Golden) and let it set for a couple hours.

The snow is PVA glue and Citadel snow flocking, mixed to the consistency of papier mache. I applied it with a toothpick and waited for it to dry completely (3-4 days) before I added the dead grass.

What I Like
This style of painting isn't going to win any award. But the results look great on the table and the process is very quick. It took one day to paint the basecoat the models, and perform the oil wash. Painting the bases, applying the snow and gluing the grass each took about an hour. Overall, that's about 12 hours of labor and four days of drying/curing time (which I spent painting other models, playing other games, and just getting on with the rest of my life). That's lightning-fast for me.

I also really like the combination of melting snow and dead grass on the bases. The grass adds an interesting new color to the palette and it fixes the models in time. The snow is melting, but the grass hasn't had time to grow back. That means they're fighting during the spring thaw.

What I Don't Like
I didn't realize until after the oil wash that four of the Winterguard Infantry models have beards and mustaches. Thanks to the magic of the oil wash, they look OK. But now it looks like our unit has four blonde identical quadruplets who all go to the same barber. I would have preferred to paint each beard a different colors, to make the models a little more distinct.

Kovnik Joe and I have an odd relationship. On the one hand, I love all medals and filigree on his uniform. His pose is dynamic and appropriate for an old campaigner who's accustomed to giving fiery speeches. But that dynamic pose was difficult to assemble (made worse by a large crack in the model's right ankle). I'm not sure how I could have done it without help from "The Crab", my trusty alligator clamp. And even with the Crab's help, Joe still shifted a little before the epoxy set and now his footing's a little funky. You can't tell unless you look closely, but my Kovnik Joe model is just about to sprain his ankle.

Next up...
I'm still working on my epic treatise about teaching new players how to play a complicated game. The next thing I post will probably be a Kodiak or some Druids of Orboros.